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Bessone´s history dates back to late 19th century when the family, from Italy arrives to our land, being part of the second Agricultural Colony of the Province of Santa Fe, in San Carlos, devoting themselves to agricultural and trade activities.

In 1939 the company began the industrial activity with coffee and malt production. In 1976, the main product of the company was launched to the market: Instant Malt El Pocillo, which soon became the leader product of the category.

In the middle of 1984 the local firm Lheritier Argentina S.A. acquired the controlling shares of Bessone S.A., continuing the process of development and growth.

Bessone S.A. has gradually incorporated the production of complementary products such as bakery (Pound Cakes and Panettones), Powdered Drinks and Cereals, reaching a significant role in the market.

After consolidating in the national market, Bessone S.A. began to explore and develop external markets of malt instant barley and bakery.


BESSONE´s core business is aimed at instant malt, covering the mass consumer market, especially the Traditional Channel, Minimarkets, Supermarkets and Large Chains across the country; it also has an extensive network of Retailers and Wholesalers Distributors to supply these channels. The secondary business is aimed at his Private Label of Infusions from Big Clients, both nationally and abroad.

To achieve customer satisfaction through the production and marketing of quality, seeking excellence in customer care ad service, achieving an appropriate profit that allows sustainability in time.

High competition and commercial development in markets where it operates.


Quality Commitment.
Bessone is strongly committed to obtaining excellence in terms of food and health, working with Quality Management Systems, oriented to management and to food security, such as ISO 9001 Standards, HACCP Standards, both standards certified with the firm DNV (Det Norske Veritas), continuing its preparation for high standards of food security.

The company has established the following strategic guidelines:

• Flexible organization with clear market and consumer orientation.
• High quality products that meet consumer needs, with special emphasis on security for consumption and that do not involve a danger related to their safety.
• Good manufacturing practices in each of the tasks and processes.
• Continuous improvement of people, products, processes and systems, to improve management capacity, aimed at growth and development of their Organization and their contributors, through the appropriate identification, evaluation and planning of improvements, that allow making progress in quality, safety and competitiveness of our products, fundamental aspects to develop sustainable Business Plans.


BESSONE S.A. has joined this trend, which implies that, as well as looking for business profitability, which is basic and essential for its future, their actions consider Corporate Social Responsibility policies, based on core values that contributes business development in a framework of social value creation and respect for the environment.

On many occasions the concepts of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility, have proved be the motivation to create changes that have allowed improving business profitability.

For that reason the goal is to optimize the use of natural resources and raw materials through lower energy consumption, lower consumption of non-renewable materials, lower water consumption adapting processes, packaging to be environment friendly. They contribute in this way to the development of the company and their people as well as the community as a whole.

Bessone carries out activities with important local and regional institutions promoting their activities for the benefit of the community.

For that reason, we encourage programs and initiatives that allow Bessone S.A., to be a Sustainable and Socially Responsible organization, taking care of environment and people, and we invite you to join this line of work.

What is malt?

Malt is a natural food, made from a cereal, barley; its grains are roasted to develop the flavor and characteristic color of an infusion.

Malta El Pocillo and Malta Maltifé are rich, smooth and natural products, advisable to include healthy food for the whole family. Ideal to consume with milk, during breakfast or at tea time.

As they are infusions free from caffeine or other stimulants, they are adequate for breakfast in children and young people, in place of other infusions with this stimulant. For this reason, it is also recommended for people who cannot take caffeine or should limit its intake, like pregnant women, mothers during breastfeeding, for school-aged children, adults playing sports, etc.

Malta El Pocillo and Malta Maltifé are fortified, through the incorporation of vitamins and minerals, tending to reduce people’s deficiencies in food in general. Nowadays, the recommended portion size to prepare a cup (5 g in a cup) gives 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic Acid, A, D, B12 and 5% (RDI) of Iron and Zinc.

This fortification strengthens its consumption with milk, during breakfast or tea time, providing essential components for our development, contributing to a healthy eating for the whole family, from children to adults.

Malta El Pocillo and Malta Maltifé are additive-free or preservative-free products, their infusions are smooth and can be consumed at any time of the day and as many times you wish, since they are caffeine free, and do not contain sodium, fat, trans fat or cholesterol. They do not produce acidity, as other infusions do.

Fundación Cardiológica Argentina (the Argentine Cardiology Foundation) has for several years supported Malta El Pocillo and Malta Maltifé, as being healthy and friendly food for the organism, that contributes reducing the risk factor for cardiovascular disease.




Malt "El Pocillo"


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Pound Cakes

Pound Cakes



Powdered Drink

Powdered Drink




Foreign market

Currently, the company has managed to consolidate its regional business using flexible management models, ranging from the representation and distribution of our own brands to the industrial supply of inputs.

Bessone is also supplier of private labels and supermarket chains around the world which trust in our company to develop their projects.

Marcas propias

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Marca Bessone

Bessone brand


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